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  • Omar Waheed

Mom.Thought and Son.Thought by Jordan Brooks

The paired pieces, "Mom.Thought (right) and Son.Thought (left)," exhibits

quiet reflection.

A paired piece made to represent Jordan Brooks and conversations he had with his mother growing up, Mom.Thought and Son.Thought encapsulates the feeling of reflection taking place in the two distinct paintings.

With symbolism behind every aspect, from the color down to the separation of the two pieces, the acrylic paintings hold a deep level of importance in expressing Brooks' intentions.

"I am trying to say that as much as a mother and son relationships is one and connected, they are also separate and unique," Brooks said. "There is a beauty and danger in that."

Speaking on the nature of the work being simultaneously two distinct pieces and connected, Brooks pulls attention to the nature of familial relationships in the notion of the danger of interdependence and independence from one another.

Starting off with Mom.Thought, the piece shows a purple background meant to symbolize royalty, more specifically your Queen Mother. Showing off deep reflection and contemplation.

Son.Thought seeks to show the same from the standpoint of the son. The use of yellow as the background directly symbolizes the sun/son. In a more indirect aspect, Brooks himself is a Leo and resonates with yellow.

"I thought a lot about the prayers, hopes and wishes she had over my life," Brooks said. "I then thought about how those same conversations and prayers are one's Black mothers have with all their sons. From the son's perspective I was thinking a lot about what it means to try to develop a sense of self under this context, you want to both be bold and yourself, but conscious and cautious of society."

Deeper in concept, Brooks wanted to capture the Black experience and identity, something synonymous in his works as both an artist and educator.

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