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  • Omar Waheed

Students gather in opposition to Ben Shapiro to help foster community for LGBTQIA+ community

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Two sides to Ben Shapiro’s appearance at Iowa State April 27, a group of students came together not necessarily to protest, but to create and foster community and belonging to those negatively affected by Ben Shapiro’s rhetorics.

Students and more were seen lining up outside of Stephens Auditorium to hear Shapiro speak. Turnout to see Shapiro was to the point that the legions of hopeful attendees were turned away.

Across the street from Stephens Auditorium in Lot C4 sat a group of students throwing a tailgate in opposition to Shapiro and his presence here at Iowa State.

Food served and games played with each other. While the goal of these students were the same, what was trying to be accomplished here was to help cultivate a presence that the people that Shapiro speaks on in constant negativity, the LGBTQIA+ community specifically, hear him and want people to know that they are here with open arms to all Iowans, queer or not.

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