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  • Omar Waheed

The Cure by Arabia Parkey

Meant to provoke thought on how Black folx have historically been subject to medical testing and organ harvesting or how Black innovation has historically been stolen, based on the viewers interpretation, Arabia Parkey’s “The Cure'' aims to express the realities of the Black experience.

“As an activist striving for change within the Black community, art is a tool for achieving the bigger picture of Black liberation,” Parkey said. “Through art, journalistic work, and activism, I aim to uplift Black voices, and amplify the historically voiceless.”

A common theme in Parkey’s work, expressing the Black experience and activism holds central themes to all Parkey’s work.

With a missing half of the top of the woman’s head, the waters in the head are made to represent knowledge as the syringe titularly named “The Cure” slowly saps away at Black wisdom and knowledge. In the other spectrum of interpretation, the syringe could be seen as injecting the mind and essentially “polluting the waters” of Black minds.

Another aspect of the piece, the floating eyes in the background to increase the unnerving sense of the piece, something Parkey wanted to get across in the piece as a whole. The eyes themselves are supposed to be aimed at the viewer, seemingly saying “you’re next.”

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