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  • Omar Waheed

Voices is back and better than ever

A returning project from the Iowa State Daily, Voices aims to once again take up sharing the stories of marginalized people in the Iowa State and greater Ames community with some new additions in coverage.

Back with a fresh look, Voices aims to share your stories once again. Adding a few new facets to do so, Voices will now include a couple of new portions that will allow people to share their stories like never before.

Keeping up with the same premise as before, Voices will now have coverage of art to allow people to share their stories visually through artistic expression, a biweekly podcast, mini-documentaries and long form video interviews.

Hoping that this will expand the avenues for people to share their stories, the additions will bolster pave way for those who want to be heard.

Voices will publish on Tuesdays and Fridays via and will be featured on the Daily Dose. If anyone wants to tell their story, email

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